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Nari Jabon

Reviewing student photography assignments

The past month I’ve been teaching a photography workshop at Nari Jibon, a very unique NGO here in Dhaka. Hira (pictured above) went out and made photo’s of men in her neighborhood for last week’s assignment. How cool is that!

Nari Jibon means Woman’s Lives in Bangla and was founded by Dr. Kathy Ward, a Sociology professor from Southern Illinois University. Nari Jibon serves a diverse group of women and girls ranging from Bengali medium students with some English skills to women with limited literacy in Bangla and little or no education. Over the past three years, they have continually served the needs of the women and their families. They currently offer two programs. The larger one offers English/computer skills and gives the  women an opportunity to learn to read, write, and speak in office level English or improve existing English skills. Their technology director Taslima Akter, has also taught several of the woman to “tell their stories” through blogging.