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Shooting Back

Photographing me photograph you

It’s not uncommon for me to draw a crowd of a dozen people when I stop for a minute  on the street.  What is even more extraordinary is that I’m not the only one taking photographs. Now I am a subject too. Telecommunications and digital technologies have transformed the way Bangladeshi’s communicate with each other. According to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, the number of mobile phone subscribers increased to almost 44 million at the end of June, up from 42.04 million in May 2008.  Bangladesh is one of Asia’s fastest-growing cellular markets in the world. The number of mobile users rose nearly 58 per cent in 2007 and is continuing to grow rapidly. Forecasters predict that the number of mobile phone users will be around 70 million by the end of 2011.

Since I’m no economist I can’t explain how people that earn one or two dollars a day can afford mobile phones. The day I arrived here I bought a basic Nokia phone -no camera – for about $35 plus $4 worth of prepaid service. Almost one month later- even with calls made to the States there are still plenty of minutes left.