“Love in the First Person”

Photo: Matt Eich

As part of the final exam today my students wrote an essay about their favorite multimedia project of the semester. I showed a variety of work including some of the classics like “Becoming Human” and several of the Magnum in Motion projects.

In the beginning of the semester we saw “Love in the First Person” (by Matt and Mellisa Eich produced by Media Storm) that turned out to the clear favorite. The class was moved by the raw honesty of the piece and really identified with Matt and Mellisa who are about the same age as most of the students. This comment from Monica sums it up: “From my point of view the word love is a gift of God but depends on the kind of person you are in love with. Love is all about caring and having faith and this exactly what I saw in Matt and Melissa’s relationship. They were young but mature enough to make the most important decision of their life.” Life is beautiful but as Matt stated “nothing good comes without struggling.”

Interesting comment especially in terms of the differences between East-West, and Muslim-Christian cultures. After all, for many in Bangladesh arranged marriages are the norm. It’s clear, we need more work like this that skillfully portrays our real- life stories.

7 thoughts on ““Love in the First Person”

  1. Jannat

    Truly, it was simple, real, and touching. Thanks for showing us such a wonderful work in our class.

  2. Masha Huq

    Thats interesting I didn’t know people were interested to write abt this project in their exam! nice

  3. Adib Sajed Adel

    A touching project, simple but yet wonderful. The pictures speak for itself. Thanks a lot for showing that and introducing us to the world of interactive media.

  4. Tasbiha

    Interesting project, you showed us so many different projects in class. We learnt so many things.. thank you.

  5. ASAD

    Wonderful Picture and excellent project . Mothers are always conscious in taking cares of their babies and always tries to watch babies on the their shoulders.

  6. Khaled Saifullah

    The multimedia is really nice and simple. I wanted to write about it too but when i saw the COMMON GROUND than I thought common ground is really interesting because things always change around us.

  7. monicachowdhury

    Thank you so much Sir for introducing us with people like Matt & Melissa Eich!! Thanks for including my comment.


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