Friday the 13th

A Mother watches her child play in a school courtyard

Summer is approaching and the power outages are getting longer. It’s up to about three hours a day and I ‘m sure it’s worse in other parts of the city. People are still shaken and confused from what happened on February 25th. I was supposed to travel over the weekend  to a town in Syhlet near the border but was told that as a foreigner I would need permission from the government since it wouldn’t be safe.

And now today, the largest shopping complex/ office tower in Bangladesh is on fire.  The top floors of this 20 story building are engulfed in flames. Thousands of people in the surrounding neighborhoods  crowd the streets watching the fire on their day off from work. There is a dark cloud of smoke over Dhaka tonight.


3 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. Geoffrey Hiller Post author

    First the technical answer. instead of converting the images in photoshop to black and white I’ve been using the grey scale mode in the camera and i like the fact of not having the choice to go either way!

    there is something about black and white- especially intentionally shooting it that way that has helped me see things differently as well. dhaka is such a chaotic visual overload. am finding that black and white can sometimes strip out some of the white noise, especially since what you see on the lcd screen is in grey scale to begin with. now only if there was a way of seeing more information on that screen? that is still a challenge.

  2. Liza

    Black and white photography in general does exactly that for me, “takes away from the chaotic visual overload.” I found this photo in particular left room for me or, perhaps better stated–gave the open opportunity– to have an emotional reaction. I am guessing the same reaction would have been absent, in color. The best way I can describe that is to say black and white feeds imagination and exploration on a more personal level. Maybe that is too heavy?

    Either way I am inspired to learn more about the technical aspects of photography. I am inspired by your astounding ability to take powerful portraits. I have decided that I want to become a photographer too, and travel Asia.


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