Roaming round old Dhaka

Sifat & Sharmin. Photo: Khaled Mahfuz Saeef

Sifat Azam, one of the instructors in the Development Studies program at IUB invited me to join her and some friends on a trip to old Dhaka last weekend. It’s sad but true that in this city of utter gridlock the only day traffic moves is on Friday. First we met near Dhaka University and had lunch at the Star restaurant. We then all headed to a photo exhibition in Shakhari Bazaar. It was fun playing tourist with them and all going to Ahsan Manzil together.

Farhan, Khaled and yours truly

Dhaka  has surprisingly few landmarks or attractions for a city its size. It’s all about the people. One of the highlights was speeding through the narrow streets of the old city in a rickshaw with Khaled and Farhan. Each were good sports riding  shotgun on top of the seat. Now that must really hurt. People here are absolutely picture crazy- not unlike my daughters I presume. They seem to take as much pleasure in snapping photos of each other as being in them. Then again Khaled might be an exceptional case.


One thought on “Roaming round old Dhaka

  1. Tawfik M

    Wonderful blog Mr Hiller!
    I miss my hometown quite a bit – especially in wintry Montreal where all the flavours and colours of life are frozen in gloom. In between midterms and assignments, I go around looking for latest pictures from Dhaka. That’s exactly how I came across your blog. The internet provides a means of fighting this terrible longing for being back home 😉
    I didn’t read through much..but I certainly have seen all the pictures here =)
    With this page bookmarked, I’ll be sure to visit often looking for updates – keep it going with full force!


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