Local bus, Dhaka

A few days ago I hailed a cab on the way back to my guest house. It was one of  the deluxe yellow models without the seats ripped out. Still, the wind shield had a huge crack down the middle. I was sitting up front on the left side next to the driver and  all of a sudden we got swiped on my side by a bus. There was a popping sound and the side view mirror snapped right off luckily not in my direction. What surprised me more then anything else was I didn’t even bat an eyelash.

A minute later we caught up with the bus and blocked its path. I had already seen the scenario of what might happen next: yelling, fist shaking, crowds quickly gathering deciding what the verdict should be. I didn’t bother to stick around and find out but jumped into a CNG parked next to us and made for a quick exit. The Bangladeshis are extremely civil and considerate but when you stick them behind the wheel of a car I just don’t know. Still, there is none of that road rage that is so common in the states. They have an extraordinary amount of patience and good will.

This afternoon I take off for about ten days to visit Chittagong and the hill tract areas before the semester begins on January 18th. No computer, so posts will be few and far between.


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