“What’s Going On?”

Old Dhaka

I thought of the late great Marvin Gaye and his song this morning. Between “what’s going on” in Mumbai and Bangkok, Dhaka feels like a sea of calm. The locals here feel awful about what is happening in India and to be honest I haven’t felt any hostility since I arrived almost four months ago.  It’s important that the west doesn’t label all Muslims as terrorists. Most of the people I’ve met are to busy inviting me for tea. The situation can change very fast especially since elections are coming up on December 29th, but that’s about local politics which I’ll save that for another post.

Photo by Kira Kariakin

Yesterday I did another photo workshop with the young woman from Nari Jibon a non profit organization that trains woman in computer technology, internet skills and photography. They also have a training program that  teaches woman tailoring. There clients come from working class families and have really taken to photography. It was wonderful to see their enthusiam and self confidence.


One thought on ““What’s Going On?”

  1. Kira

    Hi… I am very flattered that you use this photo for your post. I loved the photo you made of Hira. She is full of surprises! Regards from Caracas.


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