A Thanksgiving Portrait

I often return to my portraiture roots in Dhaka and appreciate the way it slows me down. If only for a second an exchange occurs and people here aren’t afraid to maintain eye contact long after the shutter is released. The only hazard are the crowds that quickly form with dozens of onlookers wanting to also be in the picture. This is not meant to be one of those Thanksgiving photographs that appear in American newspapers this time of year. Charity like that does not exist here but still people make do and are appreciative of the little they have. It’s like Thanksgiving everyday.  The last thing I want to do is romanticize poverty but maybe as the rest of the world is experiencing recession, we should send Bangladeshi’s to the west as trainers and case managers in order to teach people how to better cope.


2 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Portrait

  1. Claire


    I couldn’t help but think of you over the holidays. What a beautiful portrait! I’ve been reading poetry by the Sufi poet, Kabir. I was wondering if any of your students are poets? Poetry and photography seem to go so well together.

    Burt and I are hunkered down in Portland. There are still golden leaves clinging to the trees but the gray is everywhere. Lot’s of bird activity, flocks of little seed eaters flying through town.

    Let me know how you are. Looks like you are in good hands.



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