Birthday In Bangladesh

Started my day off photographing in old Dhaka- a place I can explore for the next year and still find something new to discover. In some ways it isn’t nearly as jarring as the rest of the city -the intersection near my guest house for example- since cars are not permitted into the narrow streets.

Back at IUB in the afternoon my colleagues and students somehow found out about my weakness for chocolate and surprised me with a cake. Leaked on Facebook I presume. Thanks Munsia, Salman, Safina and everyone. Sabrina, writer extraordinaire and Abir were kind enough to do an encore. What voices! I was never a  John Denver fan until I heard the Bangla version of Annie’s song.


3 thoughts on “Birthday In Bangladesh

  1. Sarah F Ahmad

    I hate my own birthday! May be because, all the extra attention on that particular day is a bit too overwhelming, but I absolutely love the smiles of the birthday boy/girl when they are given a surprise. I’m glad you were on the receiving end f one of those surprises:)


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