Finals Week Approaching

Last light in Tungi, just outside Dhaka

The semester has gone so quickly and will be over in a couple of weeks. I’ve been very  busy with little time  to read- something I love to do when traveling-  but just finished “The Hungry Tide” by Amitav Ghosh.” What an amazing book that takes place in The Sundarbans,  little known part of the world. I’ve read short stories and essays from him but this an absolutely fantastic novel that reveals so much about life in Bangladesh – he partly grew up here- as only a skilled writer can. Highly recommended.

Munsia Ahmed, a fellow instructor at IUB doesn’t sit still for a second. This week she organized another reception for a faculty member taking leave. Munsia will be relocating to the Bay Area in a few weeks to join her Brazilian husband who recently started work at Google. Always nice to find the Brazilian connection.

Yesterday I gave a presentation on photography, multimedia and the web to the Media Studies and Journalism dept at the University of Liberal Arts of Bangladesh. They were a good group of students and had some interesting questions. There is a lot of potential in this country- so much intellegence (the EI kind too) and resourcefullness to go with it. Surprisingly there is very small information technology sector in place but that will have to change soon.


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