Lalon Festival In Kustia

One of the Lalon’s amazing songs. Listen for the one string Ektara 45 sec. into the music.

Twice a year Bauls (similar to Sufis) from Bangladesh and India visit Kustia to honor and celebrate the living legacy of the Lalon Shah (c.1774–1890). Lalon wrote hundreds of songs and texts that can’t really be translated from Bengal because of their subtle language and hidden meaning. His music is absolutely estatic. This yearly gathering (Mela) was like a Bangladeshi version of Woodstock. In addition to the  Shadu’s (holly men) there were plenty of intellectual and artistic types from Dhaka to join in the festivities. Lalon Shah also had an influence on the poet Rabindranath Tagore, whose home is only five miles from Lalon’s shrine in  Kustia. I’m very excited to see and edit the hi-defintion video from this gathering of saints.


4 thoughts on “Lalon Festival In Kustia

  1. Rezwan

    Another interesting fact is Lalon is also revered by the young rock scene of Bangladesh. Many rock groups had rendered Lalon songs into fusions and rock formats and they are extremely popular among Bangladeshis.

    You can learn more about Lalon and the Baul musicians of Bangladesh from Maqsoodul Haque (Mac) who is a rock legend of the country and a long time blogger (

    He has also written a book on the Bauls. To learn more visit this:

    “In his continued research into the Bauls of Bengal, and connecting it to the universal quest for salvation from despair, a quest into the inner unfathomable depths of the complex creature called mAN? Bauliana was released as a book in Bangladesh on the 4th June 2007”

  2. Geoffrey Hiller Post author

    Very interesting about the young rock musicians being inspired by Lalons music. I’m not surprised. Seems like a perfect fit in the world music genre as well.

    Small world. Maqsoodul Haque’s son is in my interactive media class.

  3. Mac Haque

    Hi Geoff!

    This is Maqsoodul Haque and thanks for your comment on my Blog.

    Dio mentioned me in passing about your presence in Bangladesh and I am so happy to hear that you are encouraging the class to Blog. Nothing could be better.

    On Friday 31st October we have a sHADHU sHONGO (basically a conclave of bAULs) – after sundown in my house.

    I have some 6-7 sHADHU’s and sHAIJi’s coming over from Chuadanga and Kushtia, so if you have the time – please do come over.



    PS> MY cell # is 01712278005

  4. Ronald Gold

    I’m a U.S. citizen who’s been living in Sylhet half the year for the past 10 years. I’ve become a great Lalon fan, and hope to go again to the Festival this March, but am having a bad time getting the dates. Know it’s the full moon in Falgun and this should be March 11. But not sure when the event actually starts and ends. Want to combine it with trip to Sunderbans, etc., so would like to plan now. Can anybody help me with exact March, 2009 dates? Please email to


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