Ramadan Days

Covered up tea stall

Many of my students are fasting for the month of Ramadan and it’s taking it’s toll on my late afternoon photo class. Some of the normally animated ones are having a hard time keeping their eyes open. No reflection on their teacher of course. The rhythm this month feels off kilter. People wake up at four am to have their meal and then go back to sleep for a few hours. Things slow down in the afternoon- I can’t imagine how people can work so hard without water in this sauna like weather- but as sundown approaches you can feel an excitement in the air as people buy special “Iftar” food on the streets and rush home to break fast. Restaurants and tea stalls are covered up during the day for the people inside who -like myself- aren’t able or willing to fast.


2 thoughts on “Ramadan Days

  1. Dr. Fawzia Khan

    Nothing is hard to do if you do it for the sake of Allah. I would like to refer you to the famous song: Everything i do i do it for you.
    Fasting is the best prescription for whom who believes.
    As far as i know there are some sort of fasting in every reknowned religion. But their motives and ways are different.
    As muslims, we do it only to please Allah. Indeed this is the best way to realize and the best way to practice to be a better person everyday.


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