A few days ago in the early morning – to avoid all the traffic-  I went to old Dhaka. By the time I arrived the streets were packed and before I knew what hit me the strap on my sandal was sliced off like butter by a rickshaw. Yes it’s true I was walking in the middle of the street like everyone else.  There was no where else to walk. Some of those rickshaws can weigh up to several hundred pounds when they are loaded with whatever or transport a family. If the driver was a few millimeters closer I would hate to think about what would have happened to my right toes.  I asked one of the employees at the guesthouse to take my sandal to one of the shoe repair men on the street. Two hours later it was at my door as good as new. The cost was five Taka, about seven cents.


One thought on “Sandal

  1. Dr. Fawzia Khan

    Yes,I would love to take this opportunity to be the first! To me, Bangladesh is the best place to live in spite of all the traffic, pollution, corruption and poverty. Living cost is definitely cheap here than the rest of the world. People are very smart, hard working, friendly and they have been trained to survive at all cost. As we all know, Bangladesh is one of the fastest developing countries in the world.
    We all have heard of the terminology ‘Asian Brain’.
    I think you don’t have to go anywhere else than Bangladesh to see what it is.


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