Drik Photo Agency and Pathshala

This morning I attended my security briefing at the American Embassy and later had lunch with Saiful Huq Omi, a very talented Bangladeshi photographer. Omi took me over to Drik photo agency and the Pathshala South Asia Institute of Photography. These are both internationally respected institutions founded by Shahidul Alam. In the late afternoon Omi dropped me off in central Dhaka. The amount of people was staggering- wide avenues like in New York or Paris completely packed with people. On the way back home the streets were almost completely dark because of a power outage, a not uncommon occurrence here.


One thought on “Drik Photo Agency and Pathshala

  1. Rehan

    Hi Jeff – I am an expat Bangladeshi living in the US. I somehow ran into your blog – conincidentally the same day you had your first post after landing in Dhaka. I just had a feeling that you would have some interesting posts and sure enough…I have been thoroughly enjoying your writing on your observation in Bangladesh. I am looking forward to your future posts and the beautiful photos. I have also added your blog to my blogroll. Wish you all the best with your research activities and a very wonderful and pleasant experience in Bangladesh.


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