Monday Morning Monsoon/ Haircut

We are still in the midst of the rainy season and even for someone from Oregon the rains are impressive. At least it cools everything off. This is what it looked like at the intersection close to my guest house this morning. One of the teachers at IUB told me that just a few weeks ago people used boats for transport on the street that I live on. At least I’m on the third floor.

This afternoon I had one of the best haircuts of my life. With all due respect to KC- my hair stylist  in Portland for over 10 years- this young man spent well over an hour on all the finer details including a very robust upper body massage. As in Burma I notice so many of the people here -including the man on the street-  are extremely well groomed and very striking. I must admit that he didn’t shave my forehead though. Many of the Muslim men dye their hair and beards red. I was told it’s a vanity thing since many of them are going grey but I also heard that one of the prophets also had a red beard. Maybe I’ll give that a try next time.


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Monsoon/ Haircut

  1. Alan

    The heavy rain falling on those greens remind me of the water misters in my supermarket’s produce section. I’m also intrigued by the fellow’s tricycle. Portlanders pride themselves on their bicycle adaptations, but I haven’t seen anything like this fellow’s three-wheeler. Looks very practical.

  2. Geoffrey Hiller Post author

    It looks like Portland is starting their own Rickshaw trade- i saw a few in the Pearl and up and up on Alberta last month. Still nothing like the 600,000 plus rickshaws of Dhaka. Not a bad way to get around for short distances.


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