Buddhists in Bangladesh

Last night I met a young man who invited me to a Buddhist ceremony. Most of the Buddhists in Bangladesh come from the hill tribe region of  Chittagong, the second largest city a few hundred miles from Dhaka. The “temple” is only a store front in a “shopping complex” on the forth floor of a non descriptive building. The care and intention of the ceremony transformed it into a house of worship. After chanting and prayers, a simple but delicious meal of rice, vegetables and fish was served. How they managed to feed a couple of hundred people in such a small place- women and children ate first- everyone on the floor was quite a feat. The man next to me must have been quite a big shot- he owns a garment factory and was planning to attend an apparel convention in Las Vegas next week. Now how would you begin to describe Las Vegas to a Bangladeshi Buddhist?


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